An Exciting Opportunity For Creative Real Estate Investors!

We intentionally keep our events to a smaller group, due to the highly interactive nature, and hands-on implementation of the training.


Rent To Own (RTO) Focus Workshop

Barry and his Focus Team will lead you step-by-step and moment-by-moment through the process of finding, structuring and negotiating RTO deals.  This isn't boring lectures or even high-energy pep talks.  Instead, this event contains behind-the-scenes secrets you'll uncover by getting fully involved in the process.  Program creator and leader Barry McGuire will demonstrate how to manage your time, manage your actions and make decisions based on PROVEN, established systems.

Rachel and Neil Oliver are multi-award-winning real estate investors and entrepeneurs. They are often featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, popular podcasts, TB shows, and industry events as expers on Rent To Own.  Neil and Rachel focused on the Rent To Own strategy to replace their corporate job income and to create time/freedom to enjoy with their young kids.  They are now living life on their own terms, while growing their real estate business.  Passionate about helping other investors do the same, Rachel & Neil authored an Amazon best-selling book 'Rent To Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers'.  They own and operate Clover Properties, Ontario's most established Rent To Own company.  Over the last decade, they have done over 450 Rent To Own deals to help other investors reach their financial goals.

An Online Event - Recorded for your enjoyment & education


Rent To Own (RTO) Focus Workshop 

This RTO Focus Workshop is an interactive event, full of brainstorming, Q&A, round table discussions, deeper understanding and expert panels.  

Rent-to-Own (RTO)

  • What does Rent-to-Own mean anyway? Your complete rundown of what to expect 

  • A full breakdown of need-to-know RTO technical industry terms 

  • 3 Common RTO myths (and why you shouldn’t buy into them)

  • 7 Advantages of Rent-to-Own

  • 3 Proven Rent-to-Own strategies

  • How to utilize RTO to start joint venturing

  • Why joint venturing an RTO is a win-win-win for you, the investor, and the target buyer

  • Who is your ideal RTO candidate? Discover the 8 potential tenants you should look for

  • 7 ways to reach your target RTO candidates

  • What to look for in a tenant-buyer

  • How to qualify your tenant-buyer, reducing drama, headaches, and risk

  • 13 pieces of information every application must ask for 

  • 3 components of a qualified tenant 

  • 4 essential points (plus a secret 5th) you must consider before qualifying an applicant

  • The 6 components of a credit report

  • “Hard” vs. “Soft” credit inquiries and what to expect from each

  • 8 Steps to repair bad credit 

  • Exactly what to say to prospective sellers and tenant-buyers

  • Techniques for managing your property effectively and profitably (hint: it’s a lot less time-consuming than traditional buy-and-hold deals!)

  • Building your perfect RTO power team—the 7 people you need on your side plus 1 surprising extra

  • What to look for in the ideal rent-to-own property

  • 32 FAQs about Rent-to-Own

  • Easy-to-follow guide for writing RTO Pre-Approval, Approval, and Decline letters

  • Your essential RTO checklist for smooth sailing 

  • What an “Option” document is and why it matters for your RTO deal

  • 7 RTO worst-case scenarios and how to navigate them like an expert

  • Provincial rental rules and regulations 

I encourage you to sign up for this limited space event.  


Maybe it's just the lawyer in me, but I like to share 'just the facts' with you.  From my more than 45 years of being in this business and training high-level investors, here are the five undisputable facts... 

Real Estate Investors Who: 

  1. Have the most purchase options... buy more properties.
  2. Have a specialized knowledge... make more money.
  3. Create win/win deals & help people...  have more opportunities than they know what do with.
  4. Invest in their education... are on a path to join the best-of-the-best.
  5. Implement what they know... will soon be sought out as experts, exponentially growing and scaling your business. 

Why Now Is A Good Time ...: 

We’ve helped everyone from students graduating high school to retirees move forward on the path to financial security and wealth through our Focus Workshops. 

I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to get started… but you do have to start and be educated in the process.

I'm IN! Take Me To Registration :)

  • Warning: High Level Creative. We'll be spending a minimum 8 hours discussing RTO, and the special considerations that you must know before implementing.


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