PLEASE NOTE:  Although this live virtual event has passed, we are offering it as an incredible home study kit!  You'll get the audio, video, manual, workbooks and all of the digital documents!

Warning; past attendees of this workshop have experienced the following...

 Increased Cash Flow, Ability To
Buy Properties Without Banks,
Raised More Capital And Have Joined
 The Ranks Of The Elite Real Estate Investors...

Saturday, August 22nd

An Online Event


 Attention Serious Real Estate Investors; 

Are you looking for an alternative investment strategy, perfect for Today's Real Estate Market conditions?  Pay attention to the information below... 

And consider this as your official invitation to join us: 

On August 22nd, you're invited to a special Real Estate Investing Focus Workshop.  This exclusive event features comprehensive tools to help both new and established investors buy more properties (with little to none of your own money) and achieve financial success.

This Event Is For You If:

  • You have hit the brick wall and have already (or will soon) run out of your own personal investment capital. 
  • You are looking for a specific niche strategy that you can help people out of challenging situations. 
  • You are looking for strategies to buy properties without having to fit in the Banks mortgage 'qualification box' 
  • You want proven Real Estate investing strategies how to buy properties with little to no money out of your pocket 
  • You would like to build a portfolio of properties, but just aren’t quite sure how to get past your first one, two or tenth? 
  • You believe that surrounding yourself with an elite group of Real Estate action-takers will help you move forward.  Hanging out and associating with this group will inspire you into action. 

If even one of these points above sound like you, I encourage you to sign up for this limited space event.  


We intentionally keep this event to a smaller group, due to the highly interactive nature, and hands-on implementation of the training


Why You Should Listen To Me: 

My name is Barry McGuire, and for more than 45 years I have been practicing law.   

Along the way I have helped thousands of investors, like you, transact their deals, helping create significant generational wealth for many of my clients. 

Many of the deals I have created have been using a creative Investing strategy called Agreement For Sale (AFS for short). 

Even now, very few investors and even fewer lawyers know this strategy, by attending this event you will be in exclusive company.  

Maybe it's just the lawyer in me, but I like to share 'just the facts' with you.  From my more than 45 years of being in this business and training high-level investors, here are the five undisputable facts... 

Real Estate Investors Who: 

  1. Have the most purchase options... buy more properties.
  2. Have a specialized knowledge... make more money.
  3. Create win/win deals & help people...  have more opportunities than they know what do with.
  4. Invest in their education... are on a path to join the best-of-the-best.
  5. Implement what they know... will soon be sought out as experts, exponentially growing and scaling your business. 

Why Now Is A Good Time For The Agreement For Sale Strategy: 

The past few years of Economic activity (or lack of), Government 'tinkering' with the mortgage rules, and financial uncertainty, have created a perfect storm for using the Agreement for Sale strategy. 

Due to outside influencers, and the ever-changing Real Estate market cycle conditions, Agreements for Sale have proven to solve many financing and marketing problems.   

There is a window open right now to create unique and profitable opportunities for the equipped (trained) savvy investors. 

In my more than 45 years, I have not seen conditions as ripe as they are now for implementing the Agreement for Sale Strategy.   

The conditions are ripe for the picking, but you will need to be educated and trained to take advantage of this 'open window'. 

But this window will not stay open forever... rarely will you see how to make huge profits with almost no initial investment! 

We’ve helped everyone from students graduating high school to retirees move forward on the path to financial security and wealth through our Focus Workshops. 

I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to get started… but you do have to start and be educated in the process.


Specifically, What Will You Walk Away After Attending the Agreement For Sale Focus Workshop: 

  • A proven skillset to be able to buy properties with very little money
  • A safe, secure strategy to buy properties without having to secure new mortgage financing
  • A Canadian-specific creative real estate strategy for both buying and selling
  • Access to a larger pool of properties to buy
  • A powerful strategy for adding properties to your portfolio.
  • A new marketing strategy and pool of buyers to sell your properties
  • Quick and easy ways to eliminate selling costs, property management fees, and the financial burdens that come with underperforming properties
  • Confidence to 'write up' your own deal.  Many attendees after attending this workshop have completed deals (and you have the support of the Facebook group in your corner if you get stuck). 

Why Attend This Intensive Focus Workshop? 

Our previous AFS Focus Workshops have been huge hits with real estate investors, and it’s also an essential Creative Strategy in our Rapid Cash Program. 

This AFS Focus Workshop is a full-day interactive event, full of role-playing, brainstorming, deeper understanding and expert panels.

Exactly What You Will Cover When You Attend: 

7 in-depth Hands-on Training Modules so you can get up to altitude… quickly 

Module 1: Education- The complete process to buying and selling properties with a low-down payment and no mortgage qualification. 

Module 2: Marketing- The marketing strategies to have people with houses for sale calling you. 

Module 3: Analysis- Find the opportunity in those 'no room to make a deal' deals. How to recognize the three income streams. 

Module 4: Negotiation- The sophisticated negotiating strategies that create win/win deals. 

Module 5: Documentation- The legal paperwork required to close the deals.  The documents you will receive alone will be worth more than your investment into attending this program. 

Module 6: Deal Management- How to manage the asset once you own it. 

Module 7: Exit Strategies- How to successfully exit the deal, ensuring you get paid. 


  • A massive 300+page Agreements For Sale digital manual, so you can keep all the learning with you for easy reference.
  • Invitation to our private Facebook Group, where you’ll find an incredible amount of support and brainstorming, from an exclusive group of investors currently doing deals right now!
  • A free one-hour, 1-on-1 consultation with Barry (normally $650/hour!).  Our Free gift as a thank you.
  • Interactive exercises and analysis of real-life case studies, so you can learn from real deals, in real time.
  • The “gotchas” to watch for when negotiating an AFS, and avoid the dreaded legal snafus that BOTH buyers and sellers need to know. 

... And much more! 

As you can clearly see, this will be a complete soup to nuts (including some special home-made jam :) ) roll-up your sleeves and implementation workshop.   

This event will be unlike most other training programs you have taken. 

You'll have the time to go more in-depth, more opportunities for feedback (answers to your questions) remove the fear and build your confidence closing your deals and getting paid. 

The last event we held sold out in advance.  I would recommend you grab one of the remaining spots before you are on the outside looking in. 

Barry McGuire


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